Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

A Safe, Smart and Sustainable future for New Jersey enhanced by Intelligent Mobility.


Advance collaborative implementation, research, innovation, and the use of technology in transportation, to enhance quality of life, economic development, and environmental sustainability through improved regional mobility and safety. We will achieve this by:
  • Regularly convening leaders from the public sector, private companies, and academia, to create an environment that fosters innovation
  • Educating stakeholders and building awareness in smart transportation technologies
  • Supporting ITS America's mission

1 Maintain a diverse and sustainable ITSNJ Chapter
  • Increase overall membership each year from 2022 to 2027
  • Increase member engagement across all sectors
  • Regularly track committee progress
  • Exercise proper and fiscally responsible governance of ITSNJ
2 Maximize visibility of ITSNJ
  • Increase web/social media presence
  • Increase sponsorships and ITSNJ brand
  • Regularly "push" transportation news to ITS members and NJ transportation stakeholders
  • Promote ITSNJ at transportation events/conferences
 3  Educate transportation stakeholders
  • Host/Co-host ITS-centric events
  • Promote academic/research opportunities
  • Maximize PDH opportunities
 4  Advocate transportation technology solutions for New Jersey and the region
  • Explore future technologies
  • Promote best safety practices
  • Consider smart community development
  • Advance congestion relief strategies
  • Support efficient regional mobility
  • Support transportation equity through ITS technology
  • When appropriate, publicize ITSNJ's SME position on various issues
 5  Identify and support academic/research opportunities
  • Promote scholarship opportunities
  • Increase student involvement
  • Promote internships for young ITS professionals through the public/private sectors


ITS New Jersey Strategic Plan - 2022

ITS New Jersey Strategic Plan - 2019
ITS New Jersey Strategic Plan - 2014
ITS New Jersey Strategic Plan - 2013