Outstanding Project or Program Award

Each year a project or program employing or advancing ITS technologies is awarded. The winner could be a project or program related to an infrastructure investment, plans, research, management, or other significant innovation in the field of ITS. 

New subcategories within the Outstanding Project or Program category have been added; separate awards will be provided to Statewide/Regional Agencies and Local Public Agencies in both Design and Construction/Implementation of Project/Program subcategories. Up to four awards may be given in the Outstanding Project or Program category.

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2021 Outstanding Project/Program - Statewide/Regional Agencies Design:2021ProjectDesign

NJ TRANSIT’s Data-Enabled Experiential Commuter Journey

Creating an experiential commuter journey is necessary to build a better future for our nation’s public transportation customers. By deconstructing ingrained processes and questioning data’s role in transportation, NJ TRANSIT analyzed the potential impact of different technologies and focused our efforts on:

  • Creating a touchless commuter experience to promote rider autonomy. By empowering our riders to own the entire experience — from the moment they plan their route, to when they purchase a ticket, to when a conductor or driver verifies their ride — we increased both satisfaction and safety for our 1 million daily riders.
  • Developing a network of predictive analytics. We are now able to monitor, anticipate, and provide bus on-time performance of 98.8% and rail on-time performance of 92.5%, and predict train delays for a given week with 95% accuracy.
  • Meeting ISO 27001:2013 certification security standards. Recently third-party verified as the first public transportation network in the U.S. to do so, our objective was not only to provide unparalleled security for NJ TRANSIT’s commuters, but also to set a standard that will catalyze a data security revolution in the public transportation space. It is difficult to overstate the impact NJ TRANSIT’s advancements will have for generations to come. As the incumbent in the space, NJ TRANSIT's innovations will serve as the foundation for the next several decades of public transportation improvements in the tri-state area. 


2021 Outstanding Project/Program - Statewide/Regional Agencies Construction/Implementation:2021ProjectConstruction

NJDOT's Weather Savvy Roads (WSR) Program

NJDOT’s Weather Savvy Roads (WSR) program started with NJDOT’s Mobility Division applying for and receiving NJ’s first federal Accelerated Innovation Deployment (AID) grant in the amount of $322,462. The concept was to procure and install mobile RWIS devices and dash cameras in 23 DOT snow-fighting vehicles statewide to view real time conditions and guide decisions for allocation of resources during a winter event. The team is comprised of staff from NJDOT Mobility, NJDOT Operations, the NJIT ITS Resource Center, and technical partners from Vaisala and EAI. A web-based platform was then created by NJIT where users could view a statewide map and both data from the RWIS devices and video from the CCTV could be viewed in real time. The WSR project was also designed to continue the Department’s investigation into cellular strength along NJDOT’s road network. This effort was first evaluated during NJDOT’s STIC Incentive grant funded program using iCone devices on SSP trucks. Utilizing a cellular router carrying FIRSTNET cellular capability, the technical team at NJIT is evaluating the strength of this first responder-only focused cellular system to see the various levels of signal strength. The project has shown tremendous benefits after just one winter season with staff across multiple levels of the Department utilizing the web platform to make better informed decisions about staffing and contractor use.

Submitting a Nomination
  • Nominations are now open. Nominations are due September 19, 2022.
  • Submissions must include Executive SummaryProject Description, Display Panel, and appropriate Credits listing Project Owner/Lead Agency, Prime Consultant, and other significant contributors
  • Submissions are limited to three projects per agency. Each public agency should vet all projects being submitted on their behalf and select a maximum of three
  • Appropriate Public Agency MUST sign-off on all submissions

All submissions may be printed, by ITSNJ, mounted and displayed at the Annual Meeting. Description of all submissions may be shared on the ITSNJ website, through social media, and via email distribution to ITSNJ members.